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The Black Health Matters Summit South

Fighting injustice in health care is an urgent civil rights issue central to achieving a shared dream of peace, prosperity, and equality. In the inspiring words of Maya Angelou, “When you know better, you do better”. Black Health Matters would like to thank the presenters and attendees of the Black Health Matters South Summit. We can together for a day of information, networking and enlightenment. We were thrilled with the feedback to the Summit through social media and personal notes to our organization. If you were unable to attend, this page is dedicated to the Black Health Matters Summit South. Mark your calendar for February 17th, 2019 as we host our third Summit at The Riverside Church in New York City.

Health equity and access

Dr. Mary ‘Toni’ Flowers explains how your economical status affects your health.

Read Dr. Toni's Diabetes Nutritional Tips

Breast Cancer and African
American Women

Karen Eubanks Jackson explains her journey to being diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer.

read Karen Eubanks Jackson's interview

HIV and PrEP: Stopping the
Spread in South Carolina

Ed Duda explains the importance of being honest with our physicians to get the best care.

read Ed Duda's Mission for South Carolina

Heart Disease and Diabetes

Dr. Paul Underwood explains his role in learning about the connection between heart disease and diabetes.

read dr. Paul underwood's bio

Nutrition Tips for those with
Diabetes and Heart Disease

Dr. Ro challenges the audience of why they want to be healthy.



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